Project Management

The failure of complex projects is prevalent worldwide, namely that the main factors of success – meeting the deadline, remaining within the budget allocation and realizing appropriate quality developments – are not be achieved properly, which is frequently caused by low quality project management. Our mission is to contribute to successful investments by our partners by providing them with high quality project management services.

Smart ICT Services is providing Strategic consulting: which connected to the developments of our partners, is an important element of our services. In this context, we actively contribute to the development of project ideas and support the preparation phase of the project.
With our experience and expertise we contribute to the following:

  1. feasibility study examining the political, economic-financial, legal, technical and environmental circumstances of the project;
  2. ensuring compliance with corporate level strategic objectives;
  3. expert preparation of the sponsorship possibilities of the project.
  4. During the preparatory phase we support:
  5. stakeholder analysis;
  6. detailed design of the targets;
  7. preparation of project time scheduling, detailed financial and resource plan.

In addition, we take the main steps of the risk management, and contribute to the formation of the necessary internal organizational arrangements, to the preparation of operating procedures of the project and to the design of the exit strategy.

After the physical implementation of the project, we support with our high level expertise the fulfilment of project closure tasks, the appropriate dissemination of the results, and the coordination and collection of experiences gained during the project.