Building the capacities of social protection workforce on using the MIS for Social Care Services in Albania

Detailed description of project
 The Objective of the project is to support Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Rolling-Out MIS SHKSH in the 61 municipalities and respective Social Protection infrastructure.Identify and prepare road map for implementing Social Protection Services national indicators
Type and scope of services provided
Services provided cover but not limited to:
Assessing the municipality infrastructure,
Modelling and design training methodology, and working with 18 Local Government Units in phase and 43 in phase 2; As the data are sensitive data a special attention has been in implementing new technologies on data communication and security.
Ensuring interoperability and integration with other IT System and Applications; Ensuring quality assurance and compliance with international standards, rules and recommendations (also in the aspect of personal data protection and data security),
-Project Management
Prepare procedures for data quality control