Consultancy services

  • Elaborating strategies: The presence of an strategy is essential to ensure the successful operation of public/private administration bodies. Nevertheless, existing IT strategies are often unsatisfactory or might not even exist in written form – such a strategy is very difficult to follow and implement.

With the conscious application of strategic management, organizations become capable of implementing their own strategies and also of preserving their achievements, ensuring a continuous improvement of efficiency. We support our clients’ efforts by using a planning and controlling methodology based on a balanced system of objectives and indicators, tailored specifically for each customer. We pay special attention to:

  1. a precise needs assessment;
  2. development of the vision about the future of the system, the governance and technical concept and also identification of the core elements;
  3. elaboration of the action plan;
  4. determination of the main requirements related to the necessary investments and resources those will be utilized;
  5. practical and financial feasibility;

IT related consultancy services: Our IT related consultancy services cover almost all fields of the IT system development and operation. The wide range of practical experience accumulated by our experts ensures that IT developments can be successful both from a business and an IT perspective

In IT development projects, we provide consultancy services beginning with concept design all the way to system installation. In the planning phase, this primarily means concept design and the specification of technical requirements; the most important elements of implementation are quality assurance of products and processes, testing, system delivery and acceptance, preparation for maintenance, support for deployment and training.

Information security audit: The service portfolio developed by Smart ICT Services ensures that private and public authorities will meet all the obligations related to the information security. Our experts prepare the nomination of the person responsible for the security of the IT system, elaborate both the IT security strategy and the IT security policy. In order to offer high quality services, our working methodology is customized in accordance with the client’s needs.

The audit methodology contains:

  1. the assessment of the current IT security level,
  2. gap analysis of the differences between the current situation and the situation obliged by the law, identification of the activities those are necessary to achieve the desired level of IT security (task, deadline, responsible, resource).
  3. The preparatory analysis also included:
  4. review and evaluation of the existing IT contract portfolio,
  5. development of the SLA type contracts,
  6. elaboration of the disaster recovery plan,
  7. identification of the IT risks,
  8. assessment of the IT support system.

Following the examination of the current status, our experts prepare the nomination of the person who will be responsible for the IT security by elaborating the job description and supporting the selection procedure. In the first phase, we propose the main structure of the IT security strategy and the working methodology. The working methodology is the same in the case elaboration of the IT security strategy and IT security policy. During the auditing process we pay special attention to the quality assurance of the elaborated documentation.